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Introducing Winks and Kisses Bad "B" Lashes Collection. A collection designed to pay homage to and celebrate the strong black women of today!


BECOMING - Michelle Obama has shown us what it looks like to defy expectations, in her memoir, "Becoming". As one of the most iconic and inspirational women today, it is only right to celebrate her and her accomplishments. Just like Michelle Obama, these lashes tells us to live life out loud and on your own terms. Don't be afraid to stand out and speak up!


Ultra luxurious, top-quality, lightweight and individually handcrafted 100% real animal fur lashes created for goddesses - reusable up to 30 times. The lash band is super thin and made out of cotton thread, which allows for easy application and flexibility.


  • I'm sorry, due to sanitary precautions, there are no refunds or exchanges.

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